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Canon EF-S


Best Canon Lenses for Beginners in 2024

Are you trying to decide between the Canon EF 50mm f1.4, EF 50mm f1.8, or the EF-S 24mm f2.8, but you’re not sure which is the best Canon lens for beginners?


Is the Canon EF-S 24mm f2.8 Still Good in 2023?

Are you thinking about buying the Canon EF-S 24mm f2.8 lens, but you’re not sure if it’s still good in 2023, or if it meets your needs? Read this to find out.


Can You Get Great Photos With a Cheap Lens?

Are you wondering if you can get great photos with a cheap lens? If you own a Canon camera and you’re wondering which lens to get, this article is for you.